I love Pizza

I love pizza (Amo la pizza). I don’t know if it depends on the fact that I am italian (sono italiana).

I always ate pizza in my life (vita). My first pizza was probably in the form of a homogenate. 😂 But the pizza of which I speak is not that filth (schifezza) that people eat out of Italy (Italia).

Pineapple pizza (Pizza con l’ananas). La it even a pizza???? It is schifezza! Bleargh! 🤢🤮

And ingredients (ingredienti) are important! When I make pizza at home I am extra careful to choose the best ingredients starting by the flour to make the dough, possibly the best one and integral or semi integral.

Only bufalo mozzarella cheese (mozzarella di bufala). Only fresh tomatoes or eventually homemade tomato sauce (salsa di pomodoro). Only olive oil (olio d’oliva) bought in a farm close to my house. Only integral sea salt (sale marino) from Cervia.

My favorites (le mie preferite) are pizza margherita with fresh tomatos and basil, pizza with mushrooms, pizzs with Tropea onions (pugliese) and pizza con prosciutto crudo.

And what’s your favourite pizza (Qual è la tua pizza preferita)?