Best piadina recipe

I want to start with a traditional dish of my Region, Emilia Romagna. Piadina Romagnola. You can eat piadina like you eat bread or you can eat it like a Real dish (becoming your lunch or your dinner). It depends on your choice. You can eat an empty piadina romagnola (piada vuota) or like a sandwich (piada farcita). Piada farcita can be stuffed with ham, cheese, crescenza or stracchino, vegetables, salami or even nutella if you like it sweet, like a cake after lunch or dinner. Piadina is very quick to make, expecially if you buy it ready in the supermarket or in a “chiosco” (chiosco del piadinaro). Us “romagnoli” (people who live in Romagna) consider piadina like napoletani consider pizza. An important dish of our Region. We are proud of it. Real piadina must be Made in Romagna to have the marchio Igp. We even have a Consorzio della piadina romagnola

Ok, now let’s try to make 5 piadine using the true traditional recipe of our “azdore”:

500 gr of flour (farina)

70 gr of pork lard. We use the “strutto” of our Mora romagnola, bred in Romagna)

3 g of sodium bicarbonate or 10 gr of baking powder for pies

8 gr of medium coarse Cervia salt

That’s it!

There is a light version. You can use olive oil instead of lard, but the traditional recipe wants only pork yard. piadina?

Ready to make your first piadina??

Ok. Let’s just create a small center in the Floyd. Place the lard inside (or the olive oil if you want to make it light). Then add the other ingredients with the help of a bit of warm water and make a dough. To make a perfect piadina you must work the dough for about 10 minutes. Then you Will divide it in 5 smooth and elastic balls of the same size. Now roll each ball with a rolling pin until you obtain a disc with a diameter between 15 and 30 centimeters. Leave the discs to rest at least half an hour, and then cook them. Now the question is “how“. If you want to make the Real piadina, you will need a “testo romagnolo”, usually a cast iron pan. A couple of minutes or a bit more, on each side, until bubbles begin to form at their surface.  You can use a fork from your kitchen to turn the disc on the pan. You can recognise the Real piadina because it is usually pierced with the tips of a fork.

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