About me

Hi! I’m Giorgia. I’m 42, married, 2 kids and proud to be italian. I hope to show you how beautiful is my Italy. I have thought about how to help you with italian language and at the same time how to talk you about our culture, food and traditions. There are many websites and blogs about Italy on the net. My blog it is one of them. Nothing more. But as I could see, many blogs about italian recipes are in italian when written by italians or in english when written by english bloggers. I am italian but you are lucky! I really love to write and talk in english. That’s why my recipes, the food that my family eats every day, will be written in both, english and italian. Maybe you will find some mistake because I’m italian native speaker. If something is not clear, please leave a comment. My blog is born for you and all those who love Italy and would like to learn more about my Country. You will learn how to cook Real italian food, you will learn more about our lifestyle, our food, our wine, our villages, our traditions, our story and culture, and you will learn my language too. I love photography and I often go to visit italian cities with my family in the week-end. That’s why you will also read my reviews about restaurants and you will see my photogallery. I hope that you’ll love my blog and you will share it with your friends. Have a nice day friend!


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